Valiant Says He’s “Fully guzu up, cyaa fall off” In ‘Speed Off’ Music Video

Valiant has dropped the official music video for Speed Off, a track that was leaked on TikTok, where it quickly became a sensation. Produced by DJ Mac Productions, the song touches on the flashy lifestyle of a chopper who goes after the fast cash.

The TikTok version only gave fans a snippet of what was to come, and in the official release, Valiant flaunts various rides ready to speed off.

At the beginning of the KhingCam-directed video, a car performs drifting stunts, and Valiant voices his lack of concern with anything since he has “the Henny and the weed.” With one clip showing him leaning against a car, another showing him in a bedroom with ladies, and a third showing him sitting on the hood of a vehicle, he delivers the intro and jumps into the first verse. While dropping some dance moves, he sings, “Mi blast off, the life weh we live fi di fast cash, rich and mi nah talk. Fully guzu up, cyaa fall off.” 

As the video continues, it shows what seems to be a club before moving on to the Kotch Eh Hat Boss sitting in a fancy car with his goons. “Benz big like how di road big, have some goons weh mi roll wid, uptown girl, she a trophy, yow ma’ mi deh yah wah di motive,” he continued.

The video shows Valiant in a happy state as he dances with the ladies on the bed, rides on top of a moving car, and hangs out with a group of partygoers who are dancing, smoking, drinking, and having a good time.

Watch Valiant’s “Speed Off” music video below.

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