Valiant Seemingly Responds to Queen Ifrica

Following one of Queen Ifrica’s most controversial rants, during which she shared multiple conspiracy theories, Valiant seemed to have caught a glimpse of the video and decided to leave a cryptic response.

The deejay was one of the individuals Ifrica targeted in her video, calling for his popular song, Mad Out, to be banned and telling him to cease making songs with explicit sexual lyrics that endorse oral sex.

When it comes to responding to backlash, dancehall artiste Valiant is known for posting indirect messages, leaving his fans to speculate. This instance was no different from the other times he received criticism for his music.

In his Instagram stories, on Thursday, the Dunce Cheque deejay threw shade at a nameless individual who was apparently a clout-chaser based on his words.

“Nobody nuh badmind them, them just can’t ride nobody wave again that hurt them,” he wrote.


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