Valiant Speaks Out About Criticism on Latest Single “Dunce Cheque”

On the rise dancehall artiste Valiant recently released the song and music video for his latest single Dunce Cheque which has taken over mainstream media, including YouTube and TikTok, among other social media platforms.

The song has also caught the attention of the government in that a minister spoke about its effects on impressionable minds. At a loss for when “dunce became fashionable”, JLP member, Minister Robert ‘Nesta’ Morgan (responsible for information), raised the issue in a video that has been circulating on the internet. The Minister has stated before this that the people of the country have to be responsible for what they play or listen to in a public space that is occupied by the youth.

Minister Morgan stated that his child was listening to YouTube in his presence and the lyrics of Dunce Cheque by Valiant were what he heard playing. Claiming that the song is promoting illiteracy and a life of crime, he compares the artistes of today who seem to be advocating for negativity, to some 90s artistes like Beenie Man and Shabba Ranks.

Valiant, birth name Raheem Bowes, who went viral for the slang ‘Kotch e hat a Lie’ on TikTok during the music video recording of Sciance, is eager and determined to become a rising star in the dancehall community. During an interview with Urban Islandz, the artiste spoke up about how the controversy surrounding the song was just a misinterpretation.

Dunce is a term used to describe someone who is ignorant or slow. The 24-year-old deejay voiced that he was trying to put a positive spin on the derogatory term by stating, “Calling people dunce was used as a way to discourage or hurt feelings of the youth so i thought of a way to give kids confidence if they are called dunce. I want them to know that they can brush off being called dunce and make fun of it because it won’t stop them from achieving their goals.”

Also known for the songs North Carolina and St. Mary, Valiant says that based on the feedback received after releasing Dunce Check, “The kids have been taking it for a joke and know how to interpret it”.

The father of one disclosed that he was raised in Manning’s Hill and was introduced to music at school and in the church. His aspiration after making a notable dent in the local music industry is to work with the likes of Mavado and Vybz Kartel. Valiant also shared his dream goal of collaborating with international U.S-based artiste Jay-Z. “Being a dancehall artist, I want to get dancehall music more recognized globally meaning on every chart and in every corner of the world,” he said. He also mentioned that other new artistes inspire him to promote the new “trap dancehall” on an international level.

While the Dunce Cheque music video has garnered over 1.3 million views on YouTube (now number 1 on trending for music), the St. Mary entertainer announced that he has an upcoming EP. He also uploaded a video to his Instagram account with a clip of a song where he seems to be responding to Minister Morgan’s views on his latest track.

The teaser had the lyrics, “Please don’t judge mi, just leff school and nah nuh subject. Don’t call me no duncehead, I’m a work in progress. Still have to come out to something, feel fi build a boat and run weh, Nothing nah gwan inna the country.”

Watch the video below:

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