Valiant Stuck in Elevator in New York: Rescued by Firefighters – Watch Video

Sunday, May 19, 2024, 7:55 PM

Valiant and multiple of his friends were in an elevator in New York when it seemed to malfunction and stopped moving. As a result of the incident, the entertainer live-streamed the incident and spoke to his fans throughout the ordeal.

The video consisted of Valiant telling jokes to make light of the situation and singing songs while they waited to be rescued. After the live started, the Mad Out singer stated, “Guys, guys, I’m in New York and I’m stuck in an elevator. We’re stucked in an elevator in New York. Fu**ing hell.” He even turned the camera around to show the inside of the elevator and a friend sitting on the floor.


Valiant hilariously showed another of his friends, who later started to take pictures with a camera around his neck. The artiste explained that it was his first time experiencing being stuck in an elevator and he and his companions tried to “hold a vibes” until they were released despite being nervous.

A call was made via the emergency button of the elevator and they were awaiting the arrival of a rescue team for the most part of the live stream. At one point, Valiant mentioned that “A hit song can build innah elevator ennuh. Find smn nuh,” then started to build a rhythm.

The men continued to laugh and make jokes until help got to the scene and the overhead hatch was opened. A ladder was sent down and they began to exit the elevator one by one, with Valiant going first.

Watch the full video below:

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