Vanessa Bling Hits Back At Fans That Says She Dress “Like Old Bruk”

November 6, 2017

[Sharingbuttons]Former gaza artiste Vanessa Bling has hit back on tolls who calls on her to take dressing lessons from Spice and Ishawna.

“No man this sad eno, she [Vanessa Bling] need fi tek a book outta Spice and Ishawna book yo, she a mek money and look like old bruk inna every outfit,” one user commented on a photo of her. “Lol why she always look suh man, fi a slim gal cyaa dress it really bad eno,” another added.


Vanessa Bling, however, hit back at trolls on Saturday saying she is not here for the hype and excitement.

“Most people are on social media for the hype and the excitement. Am not here for that, Am not here to prove to anyone.I can BUY whatever I WANT wen ever I WANT. I choose to be humble. #vanessabling #CEO #BOSSLADY #HERETOSTAY #UNSTOPPABLE??” Venessa Bling wrote

The picture below was the one fans made the vicious comments on….share your thoughts.



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