Violent Robbery Caught on Camera – Watch Video

December 9, 2023 4:26 PM

As an increase in the use of CCTV surveillance cameras continues to reveal the brazenness of Jamaican criminals, a bar robbery was captured on camera, with one of the thieves behaving very violently during the incident.

In the footage currently circulating online, four unsuspecting male customers and a female bartender can be seen in the business establishment before the first assailant arrives, masked and armed with a gun.


The man seemingly signals two of his accomplices to join him side the bar, and as the other men arrive, one of them appears to be carrying a knife.

While the video has no audio, the men can be seen giving instructions to the victims, with the man carrying the blade gesturing for them to move and forcibly putting two of the men to the ground.

As the incident grows violent, the knife-wielding thief hits one of the men multiple times before he proceeds to aggressively drag the bartender from behind the counter to lie down on the ground beside the men before seemingly attempting to open one of the game boxes.

Watch the video below.

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