Viral Footage Reveals Patients Sleeping on the Floor of Jamaican Hospital – Watch Video

Viral footage taped within the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay has revealed patients sleeping on the hospital’s floor, a harsh example of the very difficult reality of the less fortunate in Jamaica.

The short video not only reveals the ill-equipped state of patient care in the country’s hospitals, but the dilapidated state of the medical facilities themselves, with the footage beginning with the disrepair of the bathrooms.

As the individual capturing the footage enters the waiting area, an elderly gentleman can be seen sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the floor below a broken window. Another patient is soon seen sleeping on the bare floor while others, some of whom are seemingly receiving intravenous therapy, use chairs as makeshift beds.


Reacting to the video, viewers have condemned the state of the hospital and the country. One viewer wrote, “These ministers/ government should be (ashamed) of themselves. They are the same ones (who) sit and boast/ lie about how Jamaica is doing well, yet the less fortunate are (lying) on floor and chairs in a hospital while they are sick and seeking medical help…”



Following the video’s circulation online, the senior medical officer at the hospital, Dr. Derek Harvey, has disclosed that the patients seen on the floor were social cases. Social cases are considered patients who congregate on the hospital’s compound because they have nowhere else to go, either because they are waiting to be picked up by relatives or because they are homeless.


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