Vybz Kartel Advised to Write Apology Letter to DPP Paula Llewellyn “Yuh Cyah Fight System Badniss!” – Watch Video

Ahead of his hearing in the Jamaican Court of Appeal, Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has been advised to distance himself from fans chastising the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Paula Llewellyn, and write her a letter of apology.

Following the overturning of his 2014 murder conviction, Kartel is currently awaiting a hearing in the Jamaican Court of Appeal to decide if he will be retried for murder or acquitted. Llewellyn has disclosed that she will be seeking a retrial at the hearing, which further drew the anger of Kartel fans who have been criticising her online.

Amid the immense online backlash from fans, an alleged former Horizon Adult Remand Centre prisoner has advised Kartel not to partake in the ongoing animosity towards Llewellyn. The former inmate, who goes by MQarly online, said Kartel should keep his opinions to himself as they can do him no good right now and only go on social media if he is promoting a song.

He also advised Kartel to identify all the people who will be crucial in attaining his freedom, as it is not solely dependent on Llewellyn. MQarly further suggested that the deejay write a letter of apology to the DPP.

“Weh yuh need fi do is probably write har a letta and apologise to har or sumting. Yuh nuh know system badnis yute. Yuh cyah fight system badniss! Yuh badniss cyah badda dan system badniss[ … ] Just like Khago seh, if dem wah murda yuh inna dat right yah now dem murda yuh,” MQarly stated.

The former inmate went on to warn that Kartel’s some of his recent actions make him look idiotic despite the intelligence displayed in his music. In addition to advising Kartel to keep quiet, he said that the deejay needs to instruct his fans to keep their mouth shut as well.

MQarly further expressed that Kartel’s fans need to behave positively, instead of sharing negative comments and threats online, as their attitude reflected poorly on the deejay.

Watch MQarly’s video below.

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