Vybz Kartel Gets Engaged While Incarcerated – Watch Interview

In an exclusive “jailhouse interview” conducted by Lisa Evers of Fox 5 New York last year, Kartel admitted to being in a “better place physically” because he is recovering from being sick but said, “mentally I’ve always been in a good place because I know I’m innocent and I know I’m coming out.”

Fans in Jamaica and on the worldwide stage are holding their breaths as 2022 counts down and the verdict of whether the entertainer will walk free or remain in prison draws ever closer.


Born Adidja Azim Palmer, the Worl’ Boss, even though imprisoned, has been making a lot of waves with the making of new music to reveal of the love of his life, Sidem Ozturk. It has been reported by Fox 5 that the couple had confessed to the news team, that they are engaged to be married.

Reportedly, they got engaged in the summer of this year. The news becomes public on the heels of the artiste dedicating an EP to Ozturk entitled, True Religion (the lover’s bible). Kartel’s girlfriend turned fiancé has remained as much out of the public eye as possible by not speaking to any news agencies but has now broken her silence.

Speaking to Fox 5, Ozturk explained how the proposal happened. She remarked with a big smile on her face, “we were just calling each other hubby and wifey and he was just like we’re heading towards marriage so calling you wifey and you calling me hubby is not serious enough.” Continuing she stated that he proposed “you’re my fiancé we’re going like, we’re gonna get married.”

Giving more details on her life, Ozturk mentioned that she has a degree in psychology and was previously employed as a social worker in London. She left the humanitarian life behind to support Kartel from a shorter distance by moving to Kingston Jamaica.

Speaking about her fiancé, Ozturk said, “I love his heart. He’s got an amazing heart and it’s just so giving.” Her nickname for the Ramping Shop deejay is “my angel” because that is what he is to her, and the way he makes her feel is undeniable. Furthermore, she relayed that it feels like a dream come true to be engaged to “Addi” and that she has yet to process her reality.

With most of their correspondence over the internet or phone calls, with a few family visits to the prison, it has been a peculiar romance. The couple began talking to each other in 2015, and in 2019, she finally got to meet the man that she had come to love. “I can’t see him every time I want to see him…but when you know what you want and where your heart is at it’s not that difficult,” she stated.

During visits, they are not allowed any physical contact and have to correspond through a glass partition. Ozturk declared that they are making the best of an imperfect situation and that “to know Addi is to love Addi.”

Even more peculiar, reportedly, the engagement happened without a ring because Ozturk professed that she would rather have their names tattooed on their ring fingers sometime in the near future. If all goes well during the court ruling, that time might be sooner rather than later.

Watch the interview below:

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