WATCH: 2 Jamaican Bikers Performing Stunts on the Toll

Two separate videos uploaded to social media showcase two Jamaican bikers performing stunts on their bikes while travelling along the toll road. Both videos were taken by the vehicle directly behind the bikers, giving a close-up view of the daredevil activity.

The first clip, taken during the daytime, shows the biker lying down on his stomach on top of his bike while driving beside a car. Seemingly enjoying himself, he bends one knee and hold out the opposite hand.


When he realizes that he is being filmed, he nods his head and jerks upright to sit and then he proceeds to slap the bike as if he is a jockey riding a horse. He next returns to his belly on the bike and then speeds up, driving away.

The second clip, taken at night, is much less dramatic, but the biker is also captured lying on his belly on his bike, crossing and uncrossing his legs as he enjoys the smooth sailing through the other vehicles.

One person watched the videos and pointed out, “No protective gear,” another person stated, “It’s all shits and giggles until somebody giggles and shits.”

Watch the videos below:

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