WATCH: Dexta Daps Releases “Forever” Music Video

Friday, January 13, 2023, 1:08 PM

Dancehall’s bedroom vocalist Dexta Daps released his highly anticipated new lovers’ single entitled Forever. The song, accompanied by the official music video, hit streaming platforms yesterday, January 12, which was also the thirty-seventh birthday of the artiste.

Forever was produced by TJ Records and features stunning visuals from Xtreme Arts. The video has since amassed 63,120 views on YouTube since it was released.


The music video starts with an aerial view of a city before showcasing the separate lives that Dexta Daps and his mistress are leading with their respective partners. After saying goodbye to their partners, they meet at a place to engage in sexual acts, and the entertainer begins singing about the affair and being bewitched by the woman.

“Girl, if I could shed you off like a snake skin, I would’ve. You’re toxic and venomous,” he sings in a dimly lit room with blue lighting while wearing a blue suit. The mistress is seen wearing a snake hair accessory in a room full of foliage.

The video transitions back and forth between the house the lovers met at and the blue room. In both locations, they caress each other. While Dexta vows to always be with her by saying, “Mi a f*ck you forever and ever,” the female switches her attire to sexy black lingerie. He throws her on the bed and starts their lovemaking.

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During all of this, their respective spouses were attempting to reach them to no avail. The video later shows the lovers as silhouettes and then having a steamy moment in a shower. At the end of their salacious session together, they returned to their homes.

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