WATCH: Jada and Pardi Having a ‘Wild Night’ in Club; Fans Speculate if it is Actually Jada

A short video clip of Jada Kingdom and Pardison Fontaine (Pardi) partying at a club is circulating online and views from the public are split as people wonder if Jada is the woman he is dancing with or not.

In the video, a woman in a black dress, with a big butt, is twerking while holding onto Pardi who slaps her butt and then wraps his arms around her waist to hoist her up from her position in front of him. They are surrounded by other partygoers who are also enjoying the music at the club.

Watch the video below:

Posted on IG (Instagram), the clip has multiple comments of people speculating if the woman is actually Jada as some users could not make out her many tattoos. On the other hand, some were convinced that the female Pardi was dancing with was in fact Jada.

Someone said, “She remove her tattoos,” another person stated, “That’s Jada, look at her thighs down to her knee. Can’t hide,” and a third person wrote, “That outfit doesn’t scream miss KINGDOM.”

Read more comments below:

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