WATCH: Jada, Moyann, Kraff, RajahWild, Nigy Boy, Najeeriii, Brysco, The 9ine in Comedic Short Film for Rvssian’s ‘Payment Plan Riddim’

Producer Rvssian has left many dancehall enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the release of his new riddim, Payment Plan Riddim, after dropping an interesting trailer introducing the entertainers who will be featured on the riddim.

The trailer comes after the success of his Dutty Money Riddim.

The new riddim boasts a slew of prominent artistes returning from the Dutty Money Riddim, such as Dancehall artistes Kraff, RajahWild, Najeeriii, Brysco, Jada Kingdom, The 9ine, Moyann, and rising dancehall artiste Nigy Boy.

The Dutty Money Riddim birthed numerous hit songs, and ignited controversies in the entertainment industry, as Rvssian was accused of being a “gatekeeper” and faced criticism from fellow producer Kyle Butler.

The former Jamaican footballer accused Rvssian of claiming other producers’ riddims and said that he would pay Rvssian $1 million if he could prove that he created the Dutty Money Riddim.

Rvssian made sure to follow up the Kyle Butler drama in his comedic trailer for ‘Payment Plan Riddim’.

The trailer kicks off with Jada and Moyann at a restaurant.

In the video, the two women are being served by social media personality Swiss Lee. Another scene shows Najeeriii and RajahWild with a laptop that they are using to swindle money from Jada’s bank account.

Later, Brysco joins them, and they discuss stealing the money. The video transitions to the two women, who later discover the money is missing when they attempt to pay for their food.

A separate scene shows Rvssian sporting a “gatekeeper” shirt while working at a financial institution called Russian Bank, where he opens the gates for customers.

Another interesting scene shows someone, who is wearing Kyle Butler’s 22 football jersey, applying for a $1 million loan inside the bank. The loan is granted and the bank teller, Kraff, advises him that he will receive his payment plan soon.

The video also shows Najeeriii, RajahWild, and Brysco being detained by the police, while someone calls Nigy Boy to inform him about what is happening, and he responds by saying, “Mi done see everything wah gwan already enuh.”

Later, Jada and Moyann can be seen running out of the restaurant without paying the bill.

After the video was released on YouTube on Thursday, it garnered over 78,382 views and 13K likes within 6 hours. The video also soared to No. 3 on YouTube’s Trending chart for Jamaica and garnered much praise.

Watch the trailer of Rvssian’s Payment ‘Plan Riddim’ below:

In response, one viewer said, “Kraff master dah scene deh yf😂🔥 This project will be amazing.”

Another viewer wrote, “Gate keeper 😂😂😂Rvssian is so hilarious.”

A third viewer commented, “Nuff love out here for the unity and progress in dancehall Rvssian and all the artiste them found it wid this one big up uno self.”

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