WATCH: Kanye West’s 10yo Daughter, North West Shows Us What Her First Music Video Will Look Like

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 6:41 PM

Kanye’s daughter, North West talks us through her carefully arranged music video treatment for her song Miss Westie. The song is featured on Kanye’s new album, Vultures, the track features North rapping as she calls herself “Miss Westie” and warns people not to test her or there will be “messy” consequences.

For her very first music video, North talks about herself driving a Lamborghini and having fun with her friends and her dad. The thoroughly planned music video that was made public on Wednesday was presented in a video that Kanye shared online.


In the video, North gave a detailed explanation of the sequence in which the video would flow with photos and notes. Firstly, North expressed that she would be cruising in the Lamborghini to basketball practice.

Afterwards, she would drive to meet her friends, and the next scene would consist of her and her friends in Vultures merch and an actual vulture being present. According to the board, there is also a scene with her and her friends yelling, “Don’t try to test me” at the paparazzi from the Lamborghini.

Another photo that North spoke about represented her and her dad, who also had a photo on the board, they will be boxing in a boxing ring.

Kanye shared the video of his 10-year-old daughter, whom he shares with Kim Kardashian, explaining her vision board(music video treatment) with his 18.6 million Instagram followers. Within two hours of it being shared, it racked up over 386,236 likes.

Watch the video of North sharing her ideas below:

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