Watch: Fatal Bike Crash Caught on Camera in Portland

December 31, 2023

Video footage of a man crashing into the front of a white minibus is circulating online after he was videoed doing stunts on the main road only to lose control of his bike.

According to the short video taken, a man and his companion (the individual taking the video) were both on their respective bikes on a clear road. The man, later identified as Rushawn Miller, was riding his bike with one leg on the seat and the other hanging off while doing multiple swerving motions.


Just before the tragic moment, the man made a motion for his friend to slow down assumingly because he saw oncoming vehicles. However, the man continues to do stunts and accidentally swerves in front of the bus causing a collision.

Utterly shocked, his friend shouts, “Bom**cl**t. No, fada God, no.” He maneuvered his bike onto the side of the road and runs back to where the accident happened. Right before the video cuts out, we see the damage done to the front of the bus and the man lying on the ground.

Watch the video below:

According to Junglis who posted the video on X, the incident took place on Saturday, December 30 in Portland and the bike rider was said to be “seriously injured”. However, later reports state that the injured man succumbed to his wounds.

Read comments on the incident below:


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