WATCH: Mavado, Dexta Daps and Jay-A Release “Pain” Music Video

Friday, February 24, 2023, 10:15 PM

The anticipated collaboration between Mavado, Dexta Daps, and Jay-A was released some hours ago with visuals on YouTube, specifically on the Gully Gad’s channel.

The trio, Mavado with his coarse vocals, Dexta with his smooth voice taking over the chorus, and Jay-A adding flavour by singing and deejaying, created a gangster track about the “pain” of living in a world of violence.


While the Pain begins with an intro from Jay-A, the visuals show a man being watched by someone in a vehicle before the driver opens fire. The scene cuts to Jay-A waking abruptly and reaching for his gun.

Meanwhile, Mavado is seen with his crew, one of which is armed with a rifle, on a balcony, while Dexta sings on the hood of a car amongst a crowd of people. Another shot shows Mavado alone in a room smoking, and later the trio appear together on a different scene, standing outside a shop.

“Weh mi come from yuh affi have a gun pan yuh, every an bad and wah prove weh dem can do…” Jay-A sings. Later, Mavado is heard singing about living a “real bad life,” while Dexta touches on how the “world fulla hate” and staying guarded with a firearm.

The music video has garnered 20K views and 5.9K likes within 3 hours of its release and has attracted favourable responses from viewers.

One individual commented, “Damn this collab hit different I’m so in love with this song…This song is the front runner for dancehall for 2023…Anyone else try to beat this after come really good…#gully #mavado #dextadaps #jay-a,” and another stated, “Hardest collab i hear in awhile, life lessons only the poor would understand.”

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