WATCH: Nicki Minaj Arrested on Live By Dutch Police for Drug Possession

Saturday, May 25, 2024, 1:51 PM

Nicki Minaj was arrested on Saturday by police after she was accused of travelling with drugs while on her way to Manchester for a sold-out show as a part of her Pink Friday 2 Tour. According to reports, Nicki already had her luggage loaded onto the plane for her scheduled flight when she was told that they were being pulled for a more thorough search.

Apparently, pre-rolled weed was found in a bag that the authorities “were not authorized to search,” and they would not take her word that there was nothing else of note in her luggage. On Saturday, Nicki made several posts speculating that the police would plant something in her bags or that they wanted to delay her so that she would miss her show.


A video clip taken from Nicki’s Instagram Live showed the interaction between her and the law enforcement agents who placed her under arrest. The video started with them trying to take her to the police station said to only be five minutes away from their current destination, and Nicki refusing to go without a lawyer present.

When Nicki asked why she was under arrest, she was asked to cut the Live.

Watch the video below:

Nicki also posted a video to her Instagram account showing when a gentleman in a suit and tie came to speak with her stating, “The police officers told me we have to offload all the luggage and to search everything…I’m so sorry to say that.”

She followed up with the caption, “They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to every show…This is what it looks like when ppl are paid big money to try to sabotage a tour after all else failed. Everything they’ve done is illegal.”

Watch the video and read the full caption below:

Read comments from enraged fans below:

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