WATCH: Nicole Mclaren-Campbell Shares Loving Memories With Husband Agent Sasco

Showcasing how strong their love is and how they have weathered the test of time, Nicole Mclaren-Campbell shared a compilation video of loving moments between her and her husband, Agent Sasco (otherwise known as Assassin).

The power couple have often shown off their love for each other to the public, so much so that many have highlighted them as the standard for how a healthy, long-lasting relationship should be.

Mclaren-Campbell uploaded the compilation video to her Instagram account with the caption, “In every lifetime, every version of reality, everything, everyday always grateful 💕✨️.”

The laughter-filled video contained moments caught on camera of the fun-loving duo interacting. Multiple brief scenes show the couple kissing, and talking, Agent Sasco lifting her out of a pool like he was lifting weights, hugging, fixing her hat, and many more adorable moments.

The video was uploaded with cover of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love by Kasey Musgraves attached.

Watch the video below:

Admiring the couple, morganjenniann wrote, “This is the love of husband and wife the Bible speaks about… I’m here for it ❤️,” and tashne22 said, “Beautiful. Stay in love. Grow deeper in love ❤️. Keep the fire burning 🔥.”

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