WATCH: Plain Clothes Schollaz Leaves Home With Knife to Fight Schoolmate

A disturbing video which highlights how aggressive and hotheaded the nation’s children are is circulating online where a school girl who seemingly had already reached home leaves again carrying a knife to fight another girl on the side of a road.

The threats started over the phone at the end of the school day, and the reason for the confrontation between the two girls seemed to be because someone stated that they would hit the girl in plain clothes.


Video footage was captured by the girl still in uniform’s friend, as she passed her phone to her before the fight. The person videoing also said, as if reporting on the news, “This affi video. Reporting live.”

In the video, many other school kids can be seen loitering around in the background, some creating excitement, as they waited for the other party to show up. She arrived in a white and grey minibus with the knife already in her hand and asked, “Weh e gal deh weh a chat off har mout and mi deh a mi yard?”

They got into each other’s faces and started arguing back and forth about who said what until the plain clothes girl put the knife to the other’s neck and started saying something inaudible to the video. A short while after she was seen running towards someone with the knife before the video was blurred out.

Watch the video below:

According to the comment section, after the video was blurred someone was stabbed in the leg (while someone else said no one was stabbed). However, they both stated that the girl in plain clothes was kicked by a school boy and the fight ended up in nearby bushes.

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