WATCH – PM Holness Calls Out PNP Government for “Corruption”: Points Out 15 Scandals

Based on history, there has always been a bit of bad blood between the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) and the PNP (People’s National Party), during election time. With the General elections creeping up, the Prime Minister (PM), Andrew Holness, seems to be taking aim at the PNP.

In a social media post where he calls out the opposition for their lack of accountability when it comes to sweeping the party’s scandals underneath the rug, the PM stated, “The Jamaica Labour Party, and the PNP have never been held to the same standard. People always expect better from us…that is why swift action is always taken, the same cannot be said of the other side.”

The message was attached to a video that highlighted instances of corruption that the PNP was embroiled in.

According to the video, “The term corruption has been highjacked by the PNP. They are trying to rewrite history and distance themselves from their corruption-filled background.”

The video goes on to list 15 scandals that the opposing party has been involved in, namely; the Manchester municipal corporation scandal, the Cuban light bulb scandal, the Iran sugar deal scandal, the JEEP scandal, and the FINSAC scandal, among others.

Coming to a close, the person talking in the video stated, “The Jamaica Labour Party administration implemented strong integrity and anti-corruption measures leading to a big improvement in Jamaica’s corruption perception. When you consider corruption, remember that the PNP wrote the book on corruption.”

Additionally, the PM wrote, “But memories are short, and many young, and even older Jamaicans seem to have forgotten certain sins…”

See the post below:

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