WATCH: River Rafting Massages Getting Out of Hand?

The river rafting business struck a new high back in Summer 2023 when they seemingly started offering limestone massages to female customers. The target audience seemed to mainly be foreign women who come to the island on vacation, either alone or with friends. Almost a year later, river rafting activities are still booming.

However, is the popular business venture getting out of hand as new footage from two different river rafting escapades showcasing some pretty explicit scenes?

The first video shows a bearded rafter in his Jamaican colours and a Crocs paying diligent attention to a ‘thickaz’ who was on her knees in front of him in what many know as the ‘backaz’ sex position, with her huge butt on display.

The rafter massages her butt which is covered in limestone and the angle of the camera and her position shows her barely covered vagina in slow motion as the song Enchanting by Vybz Kartel plays in the background.

Watch the video below:

A second video shows another rafter massaging a woman who is on her back with her legs in the air. He then changes positions to kneel between her legs as he gets really close to her private area with his hands but moves on quickly.

In the video, the man is asked if he went to school to learn how to give limestone massages to which the man just shakes his head, prompting the man to call him “naturally talented.”

Watch the video below:

The videos were uploaded to Instagram where the question was posed, “Would you allow your woman to get a body massage from a rafter in Jamaica?”

Someone replied to the question by stating, “A real man wouldn’t allow this… and a respectable woman wouldn’t allow this neither.”

Someone else wrote, “…when did this canal turn into the Jamaican version of PornHub,” while a third person said, “I think this is too much…and how professional are these men, that they will know how to control themselves…”

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