WATCH: Raunchy Scenes From Unusual Jamaican Funeral; People React

Footage captured from the scene of a funeral is circulating online and the unexpected behaviour in the video has many people questioning the morals of those in attendance. A funeral is usually held with a somber air as the participants bid farewell to their loved one who has passed away. However, this time around, it was met with partying and a lot of gyrating on a bus.

The video was uploaded to Instagram with Tommy Lee Sparta soundtrack, Vibes Inna Dis, and people could be seen wining and grinding on each other in the enclosed space of the bus that was seemingly used for transportation.

Men and women, dressed in shirts and pants, skirts and blouses, tight dresses (that left little to the imagination) were inside the moving bus, some had liqour in cups, and they were gyrating on each other as they were transported from one destination to the next. several women were seen shaking their butts through open windows and another had her dressed pulled up and her bare butt showing as she danced up a storm.

Children were also seen in the midst of the commotion.

Watch the video below:

People in the comment section of the post were divided, some were of the view that the person who died might have wanted their funeral to be like this, while others were in disbelief.

One person stated, “Celebrate ofc anuh like eye water can bring dem back,” and another pointed out, “look like a long time dem wan dissa smaddie wah dead.”

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