WATCH: School Challenge Quiz Celebrity Match, Jamaican Artistes Vs Influencers

In celebration of fifty-five years on television, School Challenge Quiz held a bonus round where Jamaican influencers faced off against their artiste counterparts in a thrilling match.

Christopher Martin was captain of the artiste team alongside teammates Tifa, Runkus, and Sevana, while the influencers were led by Daindra Harrison whose team included Quite Perry, Justine Isaacs, and Chad luchey.

The match started with the influencers going first after the coin toss and while the influencers got their bible knowledge question correct thus taking the lead, the artistes got their question incorrect. However, further on, the artistes caught up after the influencers ‘passed’ a spelling question.

During an ‘identify the artiste’ question, Christopher Martin found it hilarious that he had to identify himself, and by the end of the first round, the artistes were in the lead with ten points to the influencers seven points.

Round two, the speed challenge (where both teams had three separate 60 second minutes to answer questions), saw the quiz master going back and forth between the teams for six minutes which yielded the points influencers 26 and artistes 34.

For the third and final round, the buzzer challenge, each team had to listen to the question and press the buzzer to qualify to answer. However, you lose two points for every incorrect answer just as you would gain two points for every correct answer.

After a tension-filled round for the teams, the match came to a close with a ten-point gap, putting the artistes team in the lead (as predicted by their captain) with 48 points to the influencers’ 38 points.

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