WATCH: Shaneil Muir Reveals She Caught Her Ex-Boyfriend Cheating With Two Girls

During a social media exchange between Dancehall artistes Valiant and Shaneil Muir, Muir opened up about a past experience whereby her then-boyfriend cheated on her with two other women. The live chat was prior to their new collab titled ‘Paradox‘.

The entertainers were having a serious conversation about men not wanting to open up about their feelings and Muir stated, “…Unnuh don’t like talk about unnuh feelings, so wi fi read unnuh mind?” Valiant then flipped the switch and asked Muir about “the worst ting a man ever duh yuh.”


Muir’s eyes widened at the question and she hesitated a bit before she confessed, “Mi ketch him a f**k.”

The Mad Out artiste questioned her more about the experience, but even though she did not disclose how she caught up to her partner’s wrongdoings, she saw him having sex with two girls and mentioned leaving without confronting him, and him not knowing she was there until afterwards.

Watch the video below:

Varying views on the situation were expressed in the comments section of the video post, Richard Jackson said, “Different rules for rich dudes and poor dudes.. I can bet my last if her bf was rich, she wouldn’t have left him.”

On the other hand, Caroline ‘Stushee’ Pommells wrote, “Me did beat up too gal fi my husband and him too, and still leave him in di end…”

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