WATCH: Skeng and Jah Vinci Link Up on The Set of a Video Shoot

Dancehall Elvis Presley, Skeng and established dancehall singer Jah Vinci are apparently on the verge of cooking up some new music together, as video footage shows both artistes on a music video shoot, vibing and sharing energies.

The leaked video from the scene of the upcoming music video shows Jah Vinci and Skeng side by side vibing while Jah Vinci deejayed some of the lyrics of the song, “From gas inna tank, Ratty Gang wi go pull up pon any boy camp.” This prompted jubilant reactions and affirmations from the many males on the set of the video shoot, as they shouted out, ‘Nuh boy, nuh boy’.

Skeng, on the other hand, is seen throwing up hand signs as he enjoys Jah Vinci lyrics playing in the background. Based on the few audible lyrics, the song appears to be a ganster\badman song. The exclusive sneak peek video was posted to Instagram with the following caption, “Dancehall Artiste @Skeng. And @realjahvinchi On Set.”

Skeng has already made a name for himself in a little over two years after making his massive mark in dancehall music. The Pop Molly artiste has already had some monumental collaborations under his belt. That includes the likes of Nicki Minaj, Tommy Lee Sparta, Rvsssian, Intense, Govana and Kraff.

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Jah Vinci, in recent times, has gradually made his great comeback on the dancehall scene after his controversial and highly publicised Gaza exit, scoring a few hits on the Island and dropping a couple of EPs.

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However, if most dancehall fans are to be completely honest, this upcoming collaboration between Jah Vinci and Skeng is a bit of a surprise. Nevertheless, it will be highly anticipated.

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See the video below:

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