WATCH: Slash LaDat and Blass “Rich Inna Life” Music Video

Dancehall singers Slash LaDat and Blass released a new music video for their collaboration, Rich Inna Life, which speaks on elevating from poverty to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. 

Before the music starts, a man answering his phone and discussing poverty appears in the video. Blass then jumps on the beat and sings about making fast money, followed by Slash LaDat singing about having enormous stacks of cash.


“Right now mi nah stop till mi rich inna life, clean and fresh, and kick inna Nike. Diamond chain just drip inna night, mi mek money turn like flip inna dice,” Blass sings. 

Slash LaDat responds by singing, “Expensive champagne chilling on ice, gal a seh mi hot like chicken a fry. Travel every week like mi live inna sky, haters nuh badda hate when yuh see mi a strive.”

The two are first seen outside with parked cars and ladies. The scene changes soon after to show the two deejays and their women, who are in bathing suits, sitting at a poolside. They later go for a drive, attend a party, and count stacks of cash in an enclosed area.

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The music video for Rich Inna Life has received praise from viewers. Among many comments that contained fire emojis, one viewer expressed, “This hot mi nah lie money a the Pree,” and another said, “Kleeenn and fresh Big Benz pretty leather tell poverty keep Outtt.”

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Watch Rich Inna Life music video below:

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