WATCH: Taxi Driver and Passenger Heated Argument Over Fare, “Yah Thief!”

In October 2023, a fare increase totalling 35% was announced in two separate instances, with 19% taking effect in the same month, and the other 16% taking effect in April 2024.

The second increase in fares took effect a week ago and video footage of a passenger and taxi driver dispute has landed on social media as people are being warned not to take the driver’s taxi due to the incident.


A recording, taken by a passenger in the vehicle, starts with the driver stating, “Change it bl*odc**at and yah come outta mi car right yah so….cum outta mi car…” The driver exits the car at a gas station where he seemingly changed a $2000 bill all the while shouting at the passenger.

Other people in the car wondered aloud why the driver was so upset, telling him to “behave yourself….calm down” and that they would not be taking that particular taxi again.

Both individuals screamed at each other “Yah thief!” and the driver continuously stated that the passenger’s fare was $200 although it seemed as if she was removed from the car before she got to where she was going.

The video was captioned, “Beware of this taxi driver!!!! He took $200 out of her $2000 without her reaching her destination.”

Watch the video below:

The comment section of the post made statements like, “Them full a woman strength u see, mek a did one man him wouldn’t bad suh,” and “Mi woulda come out enuh kmt.”

Someone even posed the idea that, “I think taxi drivers need a mandatory customer service training before they can operate.”

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