WATCH: Teacher Fights Student For Supposedly Calling Him the ‘N’ Word

A video clip of a teacher going at it with a student in the hallways at school is circulating online and people are debating in the comments whether or not the beating was justified.

The footage was taken by a student on an upper-level floor looking down at the fight that was allegedly started after a white male student called a black male teacher a n*gga multiple times.


In to the recording, the fight had already started and the teacher was captured dodging a swing from the student who still had his backpack on. The teacher then threw out his own punch, hitting the student, causing him to fall.

Teacher Fights Student For Supposedly Calling Him the N Word

They grappled back and forth for a moment, the teacher’s shirt being torn in the process, before the teacher landed another solid punch, taking the student down. He then stands over him, seemingly saying something which cannot be heard over the video audio.

At this point, other students started to intervene by standing between the teacher and the student on the floor who was covering his head with his hands.

Watch the video below:

The video was posted on X, someone stated, “Shame on both of them. Double shame on the teacher for bringing himself that low,” while another insisted, “I defend the teacher to the end.”

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