WATCH: Tommy Lee Reunites with his Family and Friends After Release From Prison – Watch Videos

After his early release from prison late Thursday morning, the Guzu Boss Tommy Lee Sparta could be seen in a video as he prompted joyful cheers from some of his family members and well-wishers outside the prison gate.

The Happy Life singer was flocked by persons who came to see him released despite his face being covered by a white t-shirt. Bystanders outside the prison gates effortlessly made him out, as the deejay was greeted with joyous celebration and countless hugs.

According to another video circulated online, the first place the deejay went after being released was a river\spring “to wash off the saltness.” In the video, Tommy Lee can be seen sporting no shirt, standing in the body of water as he splashes some of the water on his face before submerging himself in the body of water.

Another viral video circulated online shows Tommy Lee fully dressed on this occasion sporting a new look as he reunited with two of his kids. The video, which was been filmed from within a house, showed Tommy Lee entering a room before lifting up the smallest of his two kids in the room.

The deejay did not hold back his emotion as he and his kids shared a heartwarming moment. In the background of the video, people can be heard sobbing in happiness.

As it relates to Tommy Lee’s musical career, many fans and bloggers predict he will soar even higher, pointing to the fact that most dancehall fans will be lining up to get tickets to see the deejay perform live for the first time in over two years.

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The Dark Cloud deejay served only two of the three years he was supposed to do behind bars, as he was released early because of good behaviour, according to multiple reports from credible sources.

See the other videos below:

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