WATCH: Tommy Lee Sparta Releases “Energy” Music Video

A few days ago, videos of Dancehall entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta, who was recently released from prison, were circulating the internet, suggesting that he was in the process of filming a new music video.

Earlier today, the completed music video and song for the Buss A Blank deejay was released to the public. Energy, as the song is entitled, is a hardcore Dancehall song about badness, making money, and the freedom of being “outside”.

The video, produced by Guzu Musiq, Boss Lady Muzik, and Bart The Mastermind, has already racked up 9,540 views and almost 6k likes on YouTube.

Tommy Lee opens up the video with a no-nonsense mood which he maintains throughout as the scenes in the video switch between party scenes, him surrounded by people in the street, and being on top of a building looking down at the people and cars below.

The artiste sang, “Up and about, still take nuh chat from nuh suck pu**y mouth. Take back the block, give it back to me now. Marrow pan wall just slap weh a clown.” He continued to express himself in another part of the song by singing, “Weh di bartender, talk to me now. Talk to me now, ta-talk to me how? Gun pan mi belly and e angle a show, weh di duffle bag full a bricks innah row.”

Watch the video and listen to the song below:

Praising the singer on his latest track, Carlton 4starZ said, “Never disappoint Tommy Lee 💪🫡🇯🇲,” while another individual by the name Joel Davis predicted that Energy is, “Definitely a hit song 😮‍💨🤙🌋.”

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