WATCH: Update on Ivany and $25,000 Funds From Recent GoFundMe

Saturday, May 25, 2024, 7:24 AM

An update on Ivany Wright’s court case was given by a woman said to be her babysitter. The update was given through an Instagram Live and she answered questions from the public about what was going on.

According to the woman, whose username is Nats FlyQueen, Ivany is still in lockup, however, she leaves it up to, “God and time.”


Ivany was arrested and charged on U.S. soil on April 4, 2024 and she has so far been charged with four offences including Terroristic Threats and Acts and Harassing Communications, with a total bond amount set at USD$2,100.

A GoFundMe was created for the social media personality to help offset her lawyer costs and according to Nats, “The 25,000 dollar that they collected was given to me and it was used to pay three attorneys that was very expensive.”

When the GoFundMe was originally created, A’mari accused RT Boss and Ivany of being scammers for asking for money on TikTok, thus many people wanted to know where the money was going after it was collected.

The footage of the live was shared on Instagram by KingMixUp, watch the video below:

The comment section was divided on how Ivany’s immediate future will play out after she is released.

Someone said, “God be a fence around ivany..none of us no perfect..let God be her judge..poor ice needs his mommy,” while another individual pointed out, “And when she gets out she’s still gonna do the same thing…”

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