WATCH: Usain Bolt and Cham Taunt Their Opponents in Partnership Domino Game

A big part of Jamaica’s culture is enjoying a good game of dominoes with friends, whether at a party, at home on game night, or even at a corner shop with friends.

In a short forty-plus second clip, Usain Bolt captures a moment of him and his friends, including Cham (recording Dancehall artiste), playing a round of the popular game.

Bolt seemed to be winning the game alongside Cham as it appeared to be a duo or partner game (a game of two-on-two where one assists his partner to win).

In the video, we see Bolt turned to the camera while he addressed Cham (who was standing on a chair opposite him) by saying, “Cham, how much.” Dragging out his reply, Cham said, “Ooonnnneeeee,” causing Bolt to laugh and play what seemed to be a piece that blocked the game.

Cham had indicated to Bolt that he only had one domino left and gave the go-ahead to block the game as they had a good chance of winning the game. The two exchanged a fist bump after the play.

After the win, the men squabbled a bit about the game being blocked, or whether the game should have been played out, then the video cut off.

Watch the video below:

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