WATCH: Valiant and Silkboss Link-up and Freestyling in Viral Video

Valiant and Silkboss are regarded as two of the newest and most talented sensations on the dancehall scene. It is a widely held belief among fans that bringing together both gifted vocalists on a track can only be a recipe for success.

There is now a viral video circulating online of Valiant and Silkboss freestyling on a riddim, Valiant can be heard singing, “big fat crown dog weh me blast a bay, mek di sunroof run like Martha Brea, wid me hand pon the steering and mi foot pon the gas, mek a bad bitch heart a race, mommy seh fi lowe the line an choose a smarter way,” the Rasta artiste seemed very excited by the occasion as his joy was uncontained throughout his delivery.


Silk boss, who at this point was enjoying Valiant delivering his lyrics, the Surgery artiste then took over by showing his wide range of vocals by singing, “one night two man a pull up pon u one time, three somebody wi go lost caa find, a did four but one gone hide, pon e five me hear seh a funeral time.”

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The video of slightly more than two minutes uploaded by DancehallMusiqWorld via Youtube has rocked up over 60k views in 18 hours of being posted. Many dancehall fans in the comment section were delighted by the unity shown by the entertainers and by the talent that they showed during the freestyle.

See the video below:

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