What Makes Carlo Ancelotti One of the Most Successful Leaders in European Football?

Carlo Ancelotti showed excellent results during his career. Carlo trained Everton but switched to being a head coach of Real Madrid and winning the La Liga title. Why is he the top leader in European football? In this post, we feature the characteristics of his great leadership style and why they work!


According to his personal statement, his leadership style of Ancelotti is a result of his character. He doesn’t like to impose and instead focuses on a democratic approach. He wants to get players familiar with what they are achieving. Carlo thinks players perform best when they aren’t forced to do so. And his approach seems to be effective since he acquires outstanding players. 

His unique leadership style involves the player. Ancelotti allows the player to participate and participate in the decision-making process. He will always ask the layers before determining the right strategy for each game. This strategy enables the players to shape their opinions and make them feel valued. On the other hand, their experience will aid the team’s vision and goals.
Coming up with the right strategy is very important when you train football teams.

Learn from the defeat

Ancelotti believes that his team has played excellently and doesn’t take the defeat too harshly. We can understand this form from the match back in 2005 when he competed against Liverpool in the Champions League. His team started strongly but was overcome by the opponent on penalties. Even though this sounds very frustrating, Carlo didn’t seem too intimidated. He was seen in a bar later that night, proving his strategy. Also, he will analyze the game and find out which areas might need improvement.

Minding the cultural diversity

Ancelotti is an impressive leader that minds cultural diversities. He will get familiar with the personality of each player. Then he will move to the team’s culture. Then, he will shape his leadership style around them. Also, he knows how to assess his impact and alter his strategy to achieve the best results. Just because his plan was successful with one team doesn’t have to mean it will be good for other teams. Each club has its cultural features, and he will analyze them to alter his strategies. 

Building strong relationships

Everyone who has ever worked with Carlo would confirm his excellent interpersonal skills. People feel valued when speaking with him, which creates strong bonds. He is well respected within the football world and professional. Carlo likes to tell jokes to his players right before the match to relieve the stress.


Ancelotti is a type of leader that will consider the physical and mental state of the players. He will then align their energy with the team’s goals. Carlo is a leader that will assess the current situation and direct it to achieve the best possible result. His desire to win remains strong while having the ability to see the bigger picture. 

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