Where Is My Order? An Online Tool To Track And Find Your Parcels

Finding your order after an online purchase can be a bit frustrating. This frustration can result from your lack of trust in the delivery process. It is important to note that your frustrations are justifiable, as reports show that 16% of online shoppers have had their orders stolen in the past six months. Stats like this might make you begin to wonder if it’s safe to order expensive goods online. The answer is yes: it’s still very much safe to make online purchases, but you should use a package tracking tool to locate and follow your parcels and especially from China, the china post tracking solution provided by online parcel trackers is much more precise than the official website tracker. 

Choosing Online Tracking Solutions

Other statistics showed that out of the 15.05 billion packages that were delivered worldwide in 2020, 98% were successful. The chances of successfully delivering your package all boil down to your courier partner. With over 2000 courier services worldwide, you must pick the best to improve the chances of your parcel making it to you safely. Here are some factors to put into consideration when finding the best courier service

Delivery Speed

According to a survey, 99% of all parcels delivered on the same day as the order were successful. This is to say the success rate in package delivery is largely tied to the shipment speed. When picking a courier service based on speed, you must check their track record, evaluate their average speed, and also compare their delivery speed with other courier services.

Ability To Track Your Parcels

This is one factor you must consider when choosing a courier service. The ability of a courier service to provide features that enable its customers to keep tabs on the goods makes them stand out. The tracking package will give you confidence and comfort knowing that your parcel is safe. It also provides you with the opportunity to timely alert the relevant authorities when there is something wrong with the package.

Location Presence

As a business that receives or delivers orders to different countries and regions, the courier service’s international presence matters a lot. This is important because you would not like to constantly change courier service anytime you make or receive a package from a new location. When selecting an international courier service, ensure they are equipped with features that allow customers to track parcels.

Insurance Coverage

Not all courier services will be willing to provide you with insurance for your valuable packages. This is why you must be careful when selecting a shipping service for your items, especially valuable ones. Any shipping service you select must be willing to offer insurance coverage in case they misplace or damage your package. Shipping services with insurance cover for customers’ orders are known to handle packages with great care and respect, regardless of size or value.

Customer Care

Any shipping service you select must have a great and responsive customer care service. They must be willing to answer customers’ requests 24/7 through various communication means (phone calls, SMS, email, and social media).

Ordertracker- The Best Online Tool For Accurate Tracking

Ordertracker is an online platform that allows e-shoppers to monitor their package from anywhere in the world. The platform, which is designed with state-of-the-art information-gathering software, allows online buyers to track bulk packages simultaneously and provide real-time updates on the status of each package. The platform is accessible from over 200 countries and supports over 1200 courier services.

Bottom Line

When choosing a shipping service, the listed factors will help you make the right choice for the safety of your package. To add to that, pricing plays a role in shipment safety as the higher the shipping price the safer your goods.

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