Where The Most Popular Stars of Today Studied

The stars who rule the world in different areas are equally academically gifted. They have earned some of the toughest degrees from a wide range of universities around the world. Some discovered their fame while still in college while others had completed their studies. Some earned their degrees after gaining fame or in the early days of their success.

A good number of the stars in Hollywood, sports, and other aspects of life can attribute their success to academic achievement. Some studied the areas they are pursuing careers in. Others have degrees in unrelated fields. Here are some of the universities that have produced some of the best stars we see today.

Harvard University

Harvard University is associated with the best brains in the world. It offers highly prestigious courses with limited slots. Anyone who makes the cut is considered one of the best. Hire a professional writer at https://youracademicwriter.net/professional-college-essay-writing-service/ to help you to craft the best admission essay as well as complete your essays to earn a place in one of the most prestigious institutions. Natalie Portman is one star who can attest to the quality of education offered at Harvard University.

Natalie graduated with a degree in psychology from Harvard University in 2003. The Israeli-American actress started her film career as a teenager. She has starred in numerous blockbusters including Black Swan, Thor, Star Wars, and Jackie, among others. Here performance in these films has seen her receive Golden Globe Awards as well as the Academy Awards.

Other stars who have studied at Harvard University include Henry Kissinger- a former US Secretary of State, Tatyana Ali- an actress and singer, Barack Obama- former president of the United States of America, and Neil Tyson-a science communicator, astronomer, author, and planetary scientist. The university has produced eight US presidents, 108 Olympic Medalists, and 188 surviving billionaires. It is one of the most decollated institutions today.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is associated with tech products more than Hollywood stars. It has produced incredible tech-preneurs. One of the most famous is Andrea Wong. Wong served as the president of Sony Pictures. He was also the CEO of Lifetime Networks. Andrea earned a degree in electrical engineering.

Some of the shows produced under his tutorage include Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Dancing with the Stars. He is also responsible for The Bachelor. These shows were so spectacular that they won the Golden Globe Awards as well as the Emmys.

Other notable alumni of MIT include Buzz Adrian, an astronaut and space engineer. Payal Kadakia, the brain behind the fitness and wellness platform ClassPass is also an alumni of MIT. Jonah Peretti-the name that developed BuzzFeed also horned his skills at MIT.

Yale University

Yale University has earned its place as one of the best institutions for artists. It attracts the best talents from the world over. The institution has one of the most prestigious drama schools with a start-studded alumni list to justify the fame. Think of Anderson Cooper, Jodie Foster, Lupita Nyong’o and Freed Zakaria. The school has produced stars who are long gone and continues to mint more talent today.

Meryl Streep earned her M.F.A from Yale in the 70s. She ranks 3rd among the best actors to ever win an Oscar. She is also thought to be among the humblest and is also one of the most celebrated role models. Others who have sharpened their skills at Yale University include Angela Bassett, Jenifer Connelly, Claire Danes, and Judie Foster.

California State University

California State University has produced celebrity businessmen, actors, politicians, and sportsmen, among others. Lauren Ridloff tops the list with her action in Eternals and The Walking Dead despite her deaf status. She earned her BA from CSU in 2001. Her fame started way before the action since she was Miss Deaf America between 2000 and 2002. She has also featured in Children of a Lesser God.

Other notable alumni of CSU include Steve Martin who made his name by acting, comedy, singing, and writing plays. Billie Jean King is also a product of CSU and is regarded as one of the best tennis players of all time. Octavia Butler is famous for her sci-fi writing. She learned her skills at California State University. Many other stars include LaVar Ball, Cheryl Tiegs, Jaime Escalante, and Carlos Mencia.

Stanford University

Stanford University has consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. From John F. Kennedy to Rachel Maddow, the university continues to produce some of the best minds in different areas. The others include Herbert Hoover from 1895, Doris Fisher, Mitt Romney, Susan Alexandra Weaver, and Larry Page.

The school a student attend will affect his career prospects. Whether you study the course you will eventually pursue or shift along the way, the DNA of your alumnus will be felt. It is always interesting to see the results of years in college with some institutions demonstrating their worth better than others.

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