Wife Divorces Husband After Strip Club Incident

A man is contemplating the possibility of being cursed after losing his wife and falling into multiple unfavourable situations. The man shared his concerns in a letter, disclosing that his marriage ended following a strip club incident.

According to the writer, his Christian wife tried to persuade him to go to church with her, but he had no interest in doing so. Finding more appeal in strip clubs, he would visit them regularly and even indulge in sexual activities. His escapades at the strip clubs were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I enjoy seeing women climbing the poles in the nude. I also paid women from the club to have sex with me,” The 45-year-old said, adding that he went into the club’s private rooms to have sex with the strippers almost every weekend.

His frequent visits to the club made him well-known to some of the women, and while he returned home with empty pockets after visiting the clubs, he noted that he took care of his home.

“One night one of the girls got me so exhausted that after working with her for an hour, I fell asleep and did not wake up until daylight. It was the maids who cleaned the rooms who woke me up, and they laughed me to scorn,” the writer continued in the letter to Dear Pastor.

According to the anonymous writer, his wife had called all his friends during his unplanned sleepover. When he returned home the following morning, his wife said she wanted a divorce, and despite his pleading and lies to comfort her, she filed for the divorce. The guy claimed that he did not challenge the divorce even though he did not want to lose his wife.

After being advised that it would be pointless to contest the division of assets from a house he owned on her father’s property, he allowed his wife to receive everything in the divorce.

The letter subsequently said that he became ill after losing his wife, and his doctor recommended a counsellor. A year later, he became involved with a woman who demanded most of his money and hardly cooked. He described her as “stricter” than his wife and “a Sabbath keeper.”

The writer said he met another female in her 20s who later became pregnant, and he initially did not believe he was the father since he had never gotten any women pregnant before. However, a DNA test proved he was the father.

The situations he constantly finds himself in with women are said to be a curse, according to his mother, who told him that he was not “behaving as a grown, intelligent man.”

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