Wife Intentionally Crashes Car Into Husband And His Date Partner – Watch Video

February 25, 2023

A now-viral video which seems to be from an Asian country, shows a woman crashing her car in her alleged cheating husband, his date mate and also a waiter who was serving a meal at the time.

At the beginning of the video, you can see a black car parked behind a red motorcycle also visible in the video is an apparent couple sitting in a restaurant with a waiter alongside them standing. A group of three males and also an elderly gentleman sitting by himself were inside the walk-in and dining restaurant as well.


Immediately after the motorcycle that had been parked in front of the parked car occupied by the wife rode off, the car drove off and increased in speed dramatically, directly hitting her husband, the waiter and his apparent date, who received most of the impact from the vehicle.

The woman who had been out on a date with the cheating husband was seen flying through the air after being hit by the car, the waiter got some of the knock-ons but quickly got back up, showing signs that he was not that badly hurt. The supposed cheating husband got minimal impact from the car as he was still sitting in his seat after being hit, he then got up and ran towards the crashed car, which was not visible to the camera’s lens at that point in time.

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Several other survivors of the spectacular crash emerged running from the restaurant in shock, and some of them appeared traumatised. The video ended at that point, so it is unclear at the moment if there were any fatalities or other injuries as a result of the crash. Meanwhile, bystanders outside stood in shock and disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

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