Wife Sets Haitian Sex Demon on Husband’s Mistress

After being plagued by armies of ants and cursed with what was described as a sex demon, one Jamaican woman has sworn never to sleep with a married man again after being told that the demon was sent by the man’s wife.

The forty-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed, shared her alleged ordeal with the Jamaica Star and said that it began in August 2022 after she had been in an affair with a married man. According to the woman, from approximately 12:30 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. every night, she felt as if something was tickling or touching her vagina, though she saw nothing.


She said that during this time, her lover’s wife had threatened to “fix” her “business” on multiple occasions over the phone, but she ignored her threats, believing she was referring to a fight.

As her nightly ordeal persisted, she sought medical treatment and said she was treated for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) at least three times. The forty-year-old shared that she was scared out of sleep one night and discovered her legs and bed partially covered by ants. She went on to describe how she slipped into depression as her ordeal continued and disclosed that she developed a bad odour.

“… Mi had a terrible odour. It was so bad that I was afraid to go around people, and even the married man a ask if mi nah bathe good,” the woman stated.

She was encouraged by a relative to find a spiritual advisor, and she reached out to a well-known obeahman by the name of Ruben Williams. Williams told the woman that the man’s wife had cursed her with a very powerful Haitian sex demon.

According to Williams, the woman’s situation was dire.

“When she came to visit mi, she smell like she was rotting. Mi hope she nuh feel anyway mi say she didn’t smell good. When mi see har and start work pon har, mi witness one likkle roach crawl out deh,” Williams stated.

Detailing his methods to rid the woman of the demon, Williams disclosed that he burned the underwear that she was wearing, killed a small goat, and mixed the animal’s blood in “divine water.” After he performed a number of other rites, the woman is now seemingly free of the demon that plagued her.

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The Middlesex county native said that though she does not believe in obeah, she had to use an obeahman when it was clear that she was going to die. Noting that she was lucky, she said that she would not encourage women to knowingly sleep with a married man.

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