Will Smith “Beat the sh*t outta” Jada for F**king Marc Anthony on His Couch and She Had to Get Surgery Says Former Assistant

A string of allegations have been reeling out against Will Smith by his former assistant, Brother Bilaal, who decided to leak the actor’s supposedly darkest secrets in an interview. Bilaal’s claims of Smith having an affair with Duane Martin blew up the internet days ago, sparking debates and giving way to a possible lawsuit as Smith’s wife, Jada, expressed that legal action will be taken against the ex-assistant.

Other allegations Bilaal made included his claims that Smith’s manhood was tiny, that Smith was okay with Jada sleeping around as long as he knew, and that Smith had beaten Jada for having sex with an actor/singer at their house behind his back.


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“Will is comfortable with someone f**king his wife when he is there,” Bilaal told Tasha K, adding that Smith is flooded with insecurities when his wife is having sex without his knowledge.

Will Smiths Former Assistant Says Will Beat Jada For Having Sex With Marc Anthony Without His Knowledge

According to Bilaal, he and Smith spoke about beating up Jada after she reportedly hooked up with Marc Anthony. “One of the things that Jada has over him: Will lost it and beat the shit out of Jada…so bad that they had to make a makeshift hospital in their home so that it couldn’t get out to the public,” Bilaal continued.

He also claimed that the beating stemmed from Smith feeling hurt when he found out that Jada hooked up with Marc Anthony on their couch even though he was unbothered with them hooking up on set. Bilaal also stated that Jada had to undergo surgery on her face due to the injuries she received from the beating.

Watch the video of Bilaal below:

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