Woman Bursts 14yo’s Head With A Stone For Her Teen Daughter

March 28, 2022

A woman who helped her 14-year-old daughter to inflict wounds on another 14-year-old teenager has pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on March 24, for the charge of unlawful wounding.

Reports are that there was an altercation between the 14-year-old teenager and another at a shop in the community on February 11. A fight occurred between the two teenagers that arose from one allegedly stepping on the foot of the other without any acknowledgment.


The 14-year-old who allegedly stepped on the foot of the other went home and informed her mother of the incident.

At the court appearance for the mother of that teenager, she told Lori-Ann Cole-Montague, Senior Parish Judge that upon hearing of the news of the fight that ensued between her daughter and the other child, she instructed her daughter to “lick dem back because all the while dem a tek set”.

She also disclosed that she gave her daughter a piece of board to use in her defense and also partook in the fight in which she threw a stone to the back of the 14-year-old complaint’s head, causing a wound.

Judge Cole-Montague referred the matter to restorative justice and the woman is scheduled to return to court on May 10, 2022.

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