Woman Finds Camera Her Bf Installed in Her 16yr Old’s Shower to Spy On Her – Watch Video

A woman found out that her partner of many years was spying on her teenage daughter in the shower.

Telling the tale of how she unveiled the sordid betrayal of her boyfriend, the woman states that she decided to bathe in her daughter’s bathroom the day the camera was found. “My kids were in school…I was sweaty and wanted to take a shower so I used my daughter’s bathroom to take a shower,” she said.


She mentioned that two months back, her lover, who is a construction worker, had started to remodel her 16 year old’s bathroom, which was still unfinished because it still lacked a shower door, and that there was a small light fixture in the shower that used to work but did not when she went to use it.

The woman said she was going to get a bulb as she thought it just needed a replacement, but when she looked closer she realized that it was actually a camera and so she dismantled it.

She had posted the video of how she found the camera on social media and the many inquiries she got wanting to know how she found the hidden cam led her to make a follow-up video. It was done in her car because she voiced that even though her children knew about the camera now, she did not want to keep exposing them to the knowledge.

It seemed like she had started a go fund me in order to move out with her kids because someone in the comment section stated, “she needed 2, 500 to help relocate her & kids. Her fund page is over 25k now,” while another individual mentioned, “that was a blink camera. If there’s one, there’s probably more. Look for the hub (looks the same but with no cam and two lights) SMASH THAT FVCKER and none of the others will work.”

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