Woman Pukes in Man’s Mouth While Kissing Him – Watch Video

August 7, 2023

One man is sure to be overly cautious the next time he locks lips with a woman, as during an intimate moment in a now-viral video, his partner threw up in his mouth while kissing him.

The pair were filmed kissing by an onlooker as they were seemingly oblivious to the people around them partying in a club. But their very public display of affection quickly ended with the woman vomiting, filling the man’s mouth with puke.


What caused the woman’s untimely regurgitation is unclear, with some claiming she was heavily intoxicated.

Viewers expressed their disgust, with one person sharing that if they were him, they might never kiss again. “Nahhhh, that would ruin kissing for me for a long f***ing time. May never kiss again. Literally would have cried in the car,” the viewer stated.

Watch the video HERE: https://yardhype.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Woman-Pukes-in-Mans-Mouth-While-Kissing-Him.mp4?_=1

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