Bear Attacks Moose, Drowns It To Eat It While Being Filmed – Watch Video

A brown bear and a moose went toe-to-toe in the wild, with the bear fighting to get its next meal and the moose fighting for survival.

What made this fight different from a regular hunt was the fact that the moose had hoped to escape the bear by running into the river, but the determined bear used the water to its advantage and drowned the moose.


A curious onlooker spotted the two wild animals fighting and recorded the incident. In the footage, the moose and the bear were spotted out in the river.

When the moose saw that the bear was getting closer, it ran to land with the bear on its heels. The moose returned to the water, and the bear followed, pouncing on it multiple times.

The bear fought with the moose by forcing its head underwater until the animal was dead. Eventually, the brown bear carried the corpse to land to feast on.

Watch the video of the bear and the moose:


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