Rock Climber Fights Off Bear Attack – Watch Video

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 3:20 PM GMT-5

A terrifying video is in circulation which shows a rock climber narrowly escaping death after being attacked by a black bear while descending a mountain. The incident is said to have happened in Japan at Mount Futago in Chichibu City on October 12.

In the 38-second clip, the bear appeared to be climbing to the top of the mountain where it then proceeded to launch a full-on attack by lunging at the climber above it. With terror in his voice, screams can be heard as the man pushed the bear downhill in self-defense.

However, the predator was not finished with its prey as it tried to ascend the mountain a second time but was repeatedly kicked and punched by the climber before running off.

Seemingly out of breath, the video footage shows the climber heading in the opposite direction from the bear and climbing back toward the top of the mountain.

As a precaution, Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks advised climbers that if a bear begins to approach, do not run away because one cannot outrun a bear. The best thing to do is stand your ground. If the bear is at a distance or shows agitated behavior, try talking to it calmly. If it continues to approach or follow you, stand your ground and appear aggressive, waving your arms and shouting vigorously.

Watch the incident below:

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