Opportunity (Writing Job)

ABOUT  At the moment YARDHYPE involves the website/yardhjype.com, music productions under the label YARDHYPEMUSIC and a presence on the major social networks. YARDHYPE was established in Kingston, 2011 however the website was launched in 2012.

Yardhype.com, the website is the main asset and focus at this moment under the YARDHYPE branding. In an effort to improve the website we are always looking to boost productive and quality hence we are looking for new  writers.


As a writer, you will be required to re-write articles, write from videos on youtube, write from Instagram post(s), write on hot topics. All articles must be unique and not copied from sources, in most cases quotes will be required to be rewritten as paraphrases. Articles must be returned within three hours after the request.


To be considered as a writer you need to have CXC grader 2, 0r 1. If you got a grade 3 in CXC you will need to provide proof and explain how you have improved your knowledge of the English language and writing.


Every day, Monday to Monday is a workday, from 9AM to 11PM, however, each writer can arrange a writing schedule that would be most convenient to them. Part-time writers will be required to do a minimum of 4 days per week.


Payments are issued on the 15th and last day of each month(every 2 weeks). Payments can be sent to a NCB or JN account, online options are Paypal or Zelle. ASK FOR PAYMENT RATE(S).


Yardhype .com’s approach is to foster creativity in the pursuit of a common goal: creating Jamaica’s best Platform about music, news, sports and entertainment. We are always looking for people who are enthusiastic, energetic, and self-motivated. If you think yardhype.com might be the kind of environment you’re looking for, you can send us an email to yardhype@gmail.com. YARDHYPE seeks to hire only the best. We encourage excellence at all levels in our organization. Compensation is commensurate with talent, experience and potential.

We also accept longer features on particular subjects (Jamaica, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Caribbean, Hiphop and Contemporary Jamaican music). The article(s) must be 100% unique and not present anywhere else online.

To get started, you must be at least 18 and have access to the internet. So, go ahead send us your info(Name, Age, Education grades and a sample of an article that you have written recently, 250 to 300 words.

Send info to: yardhype@gmail.com

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