3 Officers Accepted Bribe

In Kingston, Jamaica, three police constables have been charged with breaches of the Corruption and Prevention Act, they were assigned to the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB). Kevon Fairclough, Sadiki Williamson and Junior Reid are the three police constables that were arrested on Sunday, September 8. They were …

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The New iPhone 11 Pro, Review and Feedback [Video]

Check out this detailed review of the iPhone 11 Pro and pro-max. The biggest improvement is said to be the camera. one person commented about the iphone “Ive been waiting for “the next iPhone” for like 5 years but they keep releasing the same one lmao” while another said “I …

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Video Released Of 6ix9ine Getting Kidnapped

Check out this 8-minute video clip released today in relation to the ongoing 6ix9ine trial, the Video Released by the courts said to show the New York rapper Tekashi Being Kidnapped, robbed and moments after as the driver drove to get police assistance. One person commented “Fat Joe told 69 …

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