Footage Shows 74-Year-Old Woman Robbing Bank at Gunpoint – Watch Video

Friday, April 26, 2024, 8:06 PM GMT-5

Newly released footage shows an elderly woman named, Ann Mayers, 74, robbing an Ohio bank at gunpoint. The Fairfield Township Police Department (FTPD) revealed that Mayers, needing cash due to being scammed and owing significant sums to her sister and friend, decided to commit the robbery.

Bodycam footage captured Mayers’ immediate confession upon her arrest, stating, “I did whatever you’re here for,” and admitting to “The robbery.”

Mayers now faces charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence for discarding her clothing after the robbery. Police disclosed that she walked away with $500 from the heist.

Despite having no prior criminal record, Mayers had been scammed online, leading to her financial desperation. Sgt. Brandon McCroskey of the FTPD revealed that Mayers had discussed the idea of robbing a bank with family members beforehand, but they didn’t take her seriously.

Mayers’ financial woes extended to owing her sister $5,000 and a friend $65,000. McCroskey suggested that while Mayers may be seen as a victim in some respects, her decision to rob the bank victimised others.

Moreover, Mayers demonstrated premeditation by changing her car’s license plate and removing identifying features before the robbery. Currently in jail awaiting her court appearance, Mayers has applied for indigent status, indicating an inability to afford legal representation.

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