WATCH: Violent Bar Robbery in Jamaica

Surveillance footage of a robbery at a bar in Goshen, Jamaica, has surfaced. The footage shows four masked men, two of whom are armed with assault rifles, and one with a handgun.

At the beginning of the footage, the unarmed robber is observed standing near the counter, taking an item, which he later stashes in his pocket. Meanwhile, one of his armed accomplices kicks a man who appears to be seated on the floor, while another stands nearby, evidently keeping watch.

Additionally, a woman can be seen hiding behind the counter before quickly going through a back door. The unarmed perpetrator goes around the counter to apparently take something and goes for a woman.

He aggressively drags her by her braids while another woman, whose wig is snatched from her head, is hauled to the counter. The footage also shows an armed man striking someone in the head with the rifle, and the robbers quickly taking two slot machines they removed from the wall.

The video concludes shortly after one of the robbers falls while carrying the machine. The footage was shared on Instagram by King Mixup on Saturday, but the date of the incident is currently unknown.

Watch the video of the robbery below:

In response to the video, one viewer commented, “No need to deal with the people dem Suh just rob and gwaan smh.” 

Another viewer stated, “I hope the police don’t bother carry drm in fi guh waste taxpayers hard earn money.”

Read more of the comments below:

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