Heartbreaking: Woman Suffers a Stroke After Childbirth – Watch Video

The remarkable gift of childbirth is accompanied by significant challenges and life-threatening risks for women. Numerous women suffer greatly due to complications during childbirth, with many tragically losing their lives.

Social media users are reminded of the severity of childbirth after a video surfaced, showing a woman who suffered a stroke following delivery. The heartbreaking video shows a woman lying on her back in the hospital bed, barely moving as she gazes blankly into the distance.

The hands of an unseen person hold a baby against her torso while the mother‘s hand gently rubs the baby.

The video was shared on X with a note reading, “She gave birth and had a stroke.” It was reshared by The Instigator, who wrote, “This is why we say Congratulations when someone give birth its not for the baby only but also happiness that the mother made it.”

Watch the video of the mother below:

After being shared at 6:03 a.m. on March 14, the post has since amassed over 3.2 million views and more than 67K likes.

One viewer expressed, “Damn this is so heart breaking.”

Another viewer wrote, “I’m legit scared rn. Reasons why many women prefer CS or surrogacy. Please I need to know if she’s recovering, this can’t be permanent. Jesus.”

Read more of the comments below:

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